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Unexpected and Damn Proud of It

Proud to be Unexpected
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So, this is a community. It's not any particular community. I call it "a great mistake" because it's for people who feel like they're spectacular fuck-ups. Either they were a 'surprise' from the start, or they've spent a good deal of their lives making everyone around them go, "abuh?" in confusion at their choices. Do you feel like you've enraged/disappointed/surprised/enthralled the people in your life? Well, come hang out with us here.

1. No personal attacks if anyone gets into an argument. We're not a community made for arguments; if you're going to debate, make sure to be respectful. Any personal attacks will result in three warnings and then a ban. It'll make me all sad to ban you, so please don't.

2. Topics are wide open. You can talk about things that relate to your experience as a spectacular mistake; questions about other members issues are fine as well. Topics can range from directly related to the theme of the community to being about pretty much anything; this is a community made to meet and hang out with each other, not a community made for a specific focus. You want to find friends through the community? Feel free.

3. Pictures should be placed inside a livejournal cut, and please make sure to add that what is inside of the cut includes an image. A lot of people can get in trouble for various images on their PC when they are at work, so let's make sure this community stays worksafe as much as possible.

4. This isn't a safe space. Members are free to disagree with each other as they see fit, as long as it's respectful.

5. Blah.

6. Feel free to be silly, include links to personal websites, blogs, etc. I don't mind at all. This is a free community; we just hang out and talk about whatever we really want to talk about.

7. Post an intro! Give us something to know about you, your story of why you're unexpected, a surprise, a mistake, or anything else you think we need to know. Along with the three interests, this will help us get to know you... and since this community is all about knowing each other, it's definitely a good thing.

One request; when you join, I'd like it if you put up a note on your own livejournal noting that you've joined the community, to see if we can get more people to join. Don't bother if you don't feel like it; it's only a request.

-dysgr8mystake, moderator