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Whee! (Music ramblings!)

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Nov. 24th, 2006 | 06:10 pm
mood to the music: rambly
music to the mood: Lost in Space, Aimee Mann
posted by: andyleggett in a_great_mistake

I'm gonna post, 'cause I'm bored...Listening to my Mann, Aimee right now..."Lost in Space", a classic for me. This is my comfort CD: I know all the songs by heart, and could probably sing them given the lyrics alone. It was the first CD of her's I heard/bought, and one of the first mainstream CDs I bought (I had quite an impressive classical/opera collection previous to this). 

So, for the last year, I've been slowly digressing into more mainstream music of a pop/rock/folk/indie variety. In other words, quirky female singer-songwriters. This occured because the first time I did karoke, I didn't know any of the songs on the roster. XD And recently, I've been getting into the likes of Regina Spektor and Brandi Carlile. Spektor is the essence of indie and Carlile the essence of folk. My Mann (at least on this CD) is a mixture of both. 

I like Spektor because she has a very thorough grounding and influence in classical music (and literature), and her lyrics and singing-style are very idiosyncratic. Her songs are all character sketches (i.e. not about herself), and her voice has so many quirks it makes me squeeful. I love voices like that. And all these singers have at least some element of rock in their music, 'cause no matter what I do, I will never escape *that* particular genre. The first musical sounds in my memory are of the electric guitar. *rolls eyes*

Recently, I've found myself falling in love with the acoustic guitar. Carlile is very based in this instrument, as is Mann (especially on this album). And they all have gorgeous melodies, which is also key for me. Some of these songs transcend my soul (Carlile especially on "Throw It All Away" and "Fall Apart Again"). Spektor, more quietly, on "Samson", and joyously on "Better". 

And Aimee is my Mann because she does it for me on every single track of every single CD she's ever done...including her band in the '80's, 'Til Tuesday. This is a slight exaggeration (there are some songs I like, but don't care to listen to too much), but on "Lost in Space", I love every single one. The very sound of them is veritably sweet to me.

I sing along obssessively. The past year has had me exploring my voice in so many fun ways. I can't do Carlile, but my voice just naturally lilts along with Aimee, and it's half and half with Spektor. Some of her songs I can't quite do, but "Samson" especially, I find myself having fun with. I have a very narrow range, but I've been able to push them a bit; what I really love is the variance of timbre. Though it's easier to do a baritone for me, my voice has a tendency to squeak/squeal in a falsetto direction, so it's actually more comfortable for me to go higher, where I have a wider variety of notes to play with.

All this meaning what? Oh, wouldn't it be lovely if I could learn to play an instrument (acoutic guitar, say, or even keyboard) and do play/sing at an open-mic night or something? Sigh. Maybe I'm just longing for some more karoke? It has been about a month. And I haven't called Michael in forever...Actually, I should do that now...See ya! ^_^

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