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Whee! (Music ramblings!)

Nov. 24th, 2006 | 06:10 pm
mood to the music: rambly
music to the mood: Lost in Space, Aimee Mann
posted by: andyleggett in a_great_mistake

I'm gonna post, 'cause I'm bored...Listening to my Mann, Aimee right now..."Lost in Space", a classic for me. This is my comfort CD: I know all the songs by heart, and could probably sing them given the lyrics alone. It was the first CD of her's I heard/bought, and one of the first mainstream CDs I bought (I had quite an impressive classical/opera collection previous to this). 

So, for the last year, I've been slowly digressing into more mainstream music of a pop/rock/folk/indie variety. In other words, quirky female singer-songwriters. This occured because the first time I did karoke, I didn't know any of the songs on the roster. XD And recently, I've been getting into the likes of Regina Spektor and Brandi Carlile. Spektor is the essence of indie and Carlile the essence of folk. My Mann (at least on this CD) is a mixture of both. 

I like Spektor because she has a very thorough grounding and influence in classical music (and literature), and her lyrics and singing-style are very idiosyncratic. Her songs are all character sketches (i.e. not about herself), and her voice has so many quirks it makes me squeeful. I love voices like that. And all these singers have at least some element of rock in their music, 'cause no matter what I do, I will never escape *that* particular genre. The first musical sounds in my memory are of the electric guitar. *rolls eyes*

Recently, I've found myself falling in love with the acoustic guitar. Carlile is very based in this instrument, as is Mann (especially on this album). And they all have gorgeous melodies, which is also key for me. Some of these songs transcend my soul (Carlile especially on "Throw It All Away" and "Fall Apart Again"). Spektor, more quietly, on "Samson", and joyously on "Better". 

And Aimee is my Mann because she does it for me on every single track of every single CD she's ever done...including her band in the '80's, 'Til Tuesday. This is a slight exaggeration (there are some songs I like, but don't care to listen to too much), but on "Lost in Space", I love every single one. The very sound of them is veritably sweet to me.

I sing along obssessively. The past year has had me exploring my voice in so many fun ways. I can't do Carlile, but my voice just naturally lilts along with Aimee, and it's half and half with Spektor. Some of her songs I can't quite do, but "Samson" especially, I find myself having fun with. I have a very narrow range, but I've been able to push them a bit; what I really love is the variance of timbre. Though it's easier to do a baritone for me, my voice has a tendency to squeak/squeal in a falsetto direction, so it's actually more comfortable for me to go higher, where I have a wider variety of notes to play with.

All this meaning what? Oh, wouldn't it be lovely if I could learn to play an instrument (acoutic guitar, say, or even keyboard) and do play/sing at an open-mic night or something? Sigh. Maybe I'm just longing for some more karoke? It has been about a month. And I haven't called Michael in forever...Actually, I should do that now...See ya! ^_^

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I need a reason? I'm quirky!

Aug. 11th, 2006 | 10:45 pm
mood to the music: whacky
music to the mood: Maybe Monday (he'll call), 'Til Tuesday
posted by: doctor_leggett in a_great_mistake

I'm reading Charles Baudelaire's essay on Edgar Allen Poe...Now, it may just be the translation (my French skills are, shall we say, lacking at best), but it seems to filled with the craziest run-on sentences...Like, to the point where there are multiple dashes, and you've long since forgotten what it is he's describing...lol

In other news, I am not naked right now. People seem rather alarmed when I tell them this during phone conversations. I mean, if I want to giggle hysterically for no reason and smack my ass while talking to you...Wait, that does sound kind of rude...Well, I'm gonna do it anyway! Why? I'm quirky! I need a reason? lol So, what kind of weird-ass things do you guys do while on the phone/IMing/posting, etc.?

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Hotness poll

Jun. 17th, 2006 | 12:37 am
posted by: doctor_leggett in a_great_mistake

Google up images of the following people and tell me who you think is the hottest! Feel free to comment on the other three as well!

1. Michael Penn
2. Elliot Smith
3. Aimee Mann
4. Imogen Heap

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I like pie

Jun. 17th, 2006 | 01:33 am
posted by: dysgr8mystake in a_great_mistake

I'm bored, it's very late at night, and so here goes.

What kind of desserts do you guys like best, specifically? Not just "ice cream", but your a bsolute favorite FLAVOR of ice cream.

Personally, my favorite dessert is pie, and it's a tie between french silk and strawberry rhubarb (I'm a peasant at heart).

So you?

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(no subject)

Jun. 17th, 2006 | 02:14 am
posted by: yadfothgildloc in a_great_mistake

So, I was unexpected.  My dad was supposed to start fertility treatments a month after I was concieved.

Otherwise, I'm a 20 year old guy, Classical Languages major, Ancient history and philosophy minors.  Midwesterner.  I consider myself mostly sane and reasonable.

I hate writting personal intros.

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Why I suck (or something similar...)

Apr. 22nd, 2006 | 05:12 pm
location: Sacramento, CA
mood to the music: mischievousscandalous
music to the mood: Andero, volero, gridero; Cecilia Bartoli/Vivaldi
posted by: doctor_leggett in a_great_mistake

In response to the previous post, the most significatn event to happen on my birthday, January 10th, was the signing of the Treaty of Versailles, which sunk Germany into further depression! (Not disimilar to how my birthdays have gone in the past...)

Moderator knows me (or at least, I first knew about *her*) from discussfeminism. I'm am, in the eternal words of Cartman: "A young, supple boy looking for good times." (Obviously I like South Park). I was a mistake, because when the news of my mother's positive pregnancy test hit everyone, they cired, "Oh SHIT!" (And no, I am not joking or exaggerating). Also, I am a highly complex individual unable to be summed up in a few choice phrases (as attested to by my constantly changing and consistently lame/incomplete bio page). Here's a stab.

18 years old, high school junior, T.A., Senior Editor of my shcool literary magazine, associates most comfortably with people much older that itself, and constantly abuses the English language because nobody understands all the big words I use anyway.

The only thing I ask for myself (more for Eve, really) is that you join the community dedicated to her, imagine_fan, elst I shall cry; yea, verily.

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My Day is Special

Apr. 21st, 2006 | 11:09 pm
posted by: dysgr8mystake in a_great_mistake

So here we go. In this post, I'm inviting members of the community to look up their specific birthdays on Wikipedia and see what cool things happened their day. I was inspired by this because of 4/20, oddly enough, because I was getting sick of people acting like it was a national holiday and decided to look up what things really did happen on that day. So now I'll do my birthday, and I invite you guys to do yours.

My birthday; March 6.

As for the positives: Muhammed Ali was officially given that name on this day in 1964. Shaqille O'Neal was born on March 6. Alan Greenspan was also born on my birthday. Lou Costello was too! Elzabeth Barret Browning (a poet) was also born March 6. The painter Michaelangelo was born that day too! Awesome. This year it was also Casmir Polaski day on my birthday. ^^ Purim begins on March 6, and also it is Ghana's National Independence Day.

Negative things:

The ruling on the Dred Scott v. Sanford case was handed down this day in 1857, effectively establishing the fact that the Supreme Court considered "negroes" to be property. The Battle of the Alamo ended this day in 1838. The trial of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg begins this day in 1951. In 1970 Charles Manson released an album to help finance his defense on March 6. A Picasso painting was stolen in 1997. Dana Reeve died on my birthday this year (Christopher Reeve's widow). Georgia O'Keefe died ON MY BIRTHDAY (March 6, 1986). Ayn Rand died on March 6 in 1982. John Phillip Sousa also died on March 6. Davy Crockett died on March 6 in 1836. So did Louisa May Alcott (1888). And the worst thing of all: On my birthday in 2006, the South Dakota governor signed a bill into legislation banning abortions in SD, going against the Constitution, the will of the people, and the laws of America.

Although Davy Crockett is pretty awesome.

Your turn!

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I miss childhood.

Apr. 5th, 2006 | 12:17 pm
posted by: dysgr8mystake in a_great_mistake

Do any of you remember the children's movies Wee Sing in Sillyville and Grandpa's Magical Toys? I used to watch those movies over and over when I was a little kid, and every now and then I stumble across others who remember them. They were the best movies ever.

In Wee Sing, two small kids and their dog are playing with a coloring book and head outside and while they're there, the dog gets into the coloring book, and of course they follow him. There, they meet a lady in this beautiful colorful world who is all in black and white because he colors have gone! And they have to find them. Along the way they speak to people who represent every color of the rainbow (a family of Reds, two Green boys playing leapfrog, a psychic in Purple), who sing songs that every little kid knows ("Do your ears hang low", "down by the bay", etc)... and who all inexplicably dislike each other. At the end, the little kids discover that in order to give the nice lady her colors back, they have to make everyone friends again.

In Grandpa's Magical Toys, it's much simpler. The kid(s) gets turned into toy-size people and discover that all of the toys are alive and they need a magical key to get back to their own size. I think the movies were made by the same people.

Anyone remember those?

x-posted to a_great_mistake and my personal journal because, you konw, I felt like it.

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i prefer "medical miracle."

Apr. 4th, 2006 | 02:54 pm
mood to the music: blahblah
music to the mood: ben folds - narcolepsy
posted by: lili__marlene in a_great_mistake

hi all,

i found this fledgling community by snooping in dysgr8mystake's user info, after encountering her over in anti_feminism.

ABOUT MY ARRIVAL: thinking they couldn't have children, my parents adopted the ones they wanted. then, a few years later, mom gets pregnant - OOPS! last summer, i went to visit my grandfather. after informing me that my deceased grandmother had been "a real chippy" (read: "whore"), he said,

"so, you know you were an accident, right?"
"yup," said i. "and a pretty damned lucky one, too."

so, that takes care of the "unexpected" bit. now, for the fuck-up bit: i'm an over-achiever. this means that i think i'm a colossal fuck-up, though others tend to disagree. i think the jury's still out.

3 random interests: trains, procrastination, and hating moulin rouge.

...looking forward to all manner of random conversation over here.

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First community post ever

Apr. 4th, 2006 | 11:34 am
mood to the music: relaxedrelaxed
music to the mood: Hey, I'm actually listening to music this time! Nirvana
posted by: evilnumber1 in a_great_mistake

Hello everyone. My name is Jason, and I am arrogant. Fronts and pretending aren't really my thing, and I will never lie to you. Not even to make you happy. I'm new to the community thing, but don't worry, I won't complicate your life with 1,000,000 spam post or pictures of little hopping animals. I do, however, appreciate a good healthy discussions, and I am aware that I can be wrong.

I know Crispy and Dysg8mystake from real life. I know of several other people here because I don't always listen when Dysgr8mystake tells me not to read over her shoulder.

So far that's it. This really is my first community post, so I'm going to keep it short for now.

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Apr. 3rd, 2006 | 12:03 am
posted by: dysgr8mystake in a_great_mistake

bah, just putting something up. So, for the members that are here, can you guys each give me a few interests to add to the community's info? Check out what I've got up, find a few things you like I haven't talked about, I'll add them to the info. Other than that, hell, I don't know... But believe me, there will be great fun!

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First Try

Apr. 1st, 2006 | 04:36 pm
mood to the music: chipperchipper
music to the mood: i like music
posted by: dysgr8mystake in a_great_mistake

First post in this community. I'm the moderator, reasonably enough. So here it goes. This is just a random post. Once I figure out how this community looks and get it to look the way I like, I'll be editing this post to include a list of the rules, which can also be found on the info page. So there you go. Give me a few minutes to get this working.

First thing: When you join, give me THREE INTERESTS of yours that don't show up already on the info page for the community, and I'll add them to the interests thingie.


1. No personal attacks if anyone gets into an argument. We're not a community made for arguments; if you're going to debate, make sure to be respectful. Any personal attacks will result in three warnings and then a ban. It'll make me all sad to ban you, so please don't.

2. Topics are wide open. You can talk about things that relate to your experiences in stuff; questions about other members issues are fine as well. Topics can range from directly related to the theme of the community to being about pretty much anything; this is a community made to meet and hang out with each other, not a community made for a specific focus. You want to find friends through the community? Feel free.

3. Pictures should be placed inside a livejournal cut, and please make sure to add that what is inside of the cut includes an image. A lot of people can get in trouble for various images on their PC when they are at work, so let's make sure this community stays worksafe as much as possible.

4. This isn't a safe space. Members are free to disagree with each other as they see fit, as long as it's respectful.

5. Blah.

6. Feel free to be silly, include links to personal websites, blogs, etc. I don't mind at all. This is a free community; we just hang out and talk about whatever we really want to talk about.

One request; when you join, I'd like it if you put up a note on your own livejournal noting that you've joined the community, to see if we can get more people to join. Don't bother if you don't feel like it; it's only a request.

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